Our visit to The Netherlands
A chance encounter with a drug addict and her pimp / accomplice

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During our visit to The Netherlands we noticed some things are just not the same as in the USA.
Sure, that is obvious. But don't be fooled, The Netherlands has ladies like these and those who help them and live off them, as does every country in The World. Read about two of these low-life scroungers.
We started in Amsterdam and afterward toured other cities taking in the history, museums and attractions. A few days in Utrecht, right in the center of this little country was real amazing. Utrecht is kinda quaint with its cobblestone streets and canal terrace bars, restaurants and of course coffee-shops. One of these coffee-shops is right by an impressive building called the Dom Toren. After getting some weed of differing strengths in the coffee-shop we got real hungry; it was late in the evening so we found ourselves a snack bar, from memory maybe named De Baron, just around the corner from the coffee-shop. The fries (patat) were a real welcome meal and along with trying such stuff like fricandel, berenklauw, nasiblok, our bellies were full. After a few cans of soda pop we stood outside deciding what to do next.

We got approached by a brown-skinned girl who asked us if any of us wanted sex. Was this the possibility of a good time ? One of us, Steve, accepted her proposal. After assuring the rest of us he'd be just fine, we left Steve with her. The girl introduced herself as Hannah. They soon arrived at a house where a man who introduced himself as Jan opened the door and beckoned them inside, almost as if they were both expected. They sat down. Steve looked around. The room was shabby with a filthy carpet. The sofa and easychairs were threadbare and the wooden table was covered with carving marks and cigarette ash. Steve was asked for 20 Euros by Hannah. She produced a small plastic bag from somewhere, the contents were sprinkled into a metal pipe and then ignited. She inhaled the smoke from it with a single deep breath. After some seconds, she exhaled and gestured Steve to follow her.

They walked upstairs to a bedroom in which the electric light was broken. Steve kept his clothes right by the side of the bed - he got a blowjob and sex. When the business in-hand was done Steve left the poorly decorated, dirty house and retraced his journey toward the Dom Toren area where we all had been earlier. After a few sms messages we all met up at our hotel. Steve was looking confused and he reckoned some of his money was missing. During the time it took him to get back with us he'd had time to do some quick calculations. Some of the Euro's had gone from the pockets of his pants. We asked him to go through the events, maybe  as he'd smoked some of the substance from the coffee-shop his judgement had been affected ? Then it came to his thinking. For sure he'd been robbed - unknown to him there had been a third person hiding in that dark bedroom.
It was obvious to all our minds there had been someone else in the bedroom of that house he'd been taken to. Clearly, while being kept busy by the brown-skinned Hannah, another person had removed money from his pants having been hiding - probably under the bed. It was not a simple broken light, but a planned darkness. Could Steve remember the route to that house ? Should the local police be called ? What would be the process for a group of American visitors by the authorities there ? Could we go back to the place where we'd eaten the snacks to find that girl again ? What were we to do - that was if anything should or could be done ?
Having slept on the matter, we took breakfast. The plan was to attempt to retrace Steve's steps of the previous evening - but when it was dark. Having arrived again in Utrecht we returned to nearby the snack-bar; there were two bars just along the way on opposite sites of the narrow street. We chatted to people in those bars while drinking a few beers and asking casual questions to see if anyone recognized the description of the brown-skinned Hannah. Having watched that street for an hour or more to see if our intended subject passed by, which she didn't, we started to chat with a guy who to our amazement was another American. He'd settled in Utrecht some years earlier and was now partnered with a Dutch woman. We explained what had happened and although he didn't know the girl in question, he suggested we go ask in the other bar opposite which was a student-cafe. If the chance of sex was offered, surely students would be the right age-group to know.
And so we headed for the student-cafe. The place was like student bars in the USA before the smoking restrictions. We hung around and chatted generally until by chance 3 guys admitted with awkward grins they knew of the brown-skinned Hannah. She is a homeless girl from Surinam. Since the cleanup operation in Utrecht which abolished an area known as junkie-boulevard, she, along with other many homeless drug-addicts are now housed by an organization named Leger des Heils (The Salvation Army). Many beg to fund their addiction. Hannah had many nicknames such as "Huurbaar Hannah" and should be treated with caution because she would do anything to get money to fund her crack habit. Her pockets filled with many prescription drugs earn her the status of a walking pharmacy. Her patch was normally between the Dom Toren and Hamburgerstraat a few blocks down. The student guys were rewarded with a few beers and we left.
So there we were. Equipped with enough information to realize Steve had been the victim of a kinda setup scam. But what would we do about it? None of us wanted the hassle of involving the authorities or making this adventurous mistake official. The only choice we could agree on was wait to see if she reappeared, follow her, see if she revisited the poorly decorated, dirty house and put this information along with her description - and of course the nicknames given to us by the students - on the internet as a warning to others.

Our decision paid off. After hanging around that area between the Dom Toren and Hamburgerstraat for about one hour, our subject appeared. We crossed over the Oudegracht (we noted the name of this real long street) which was lined by trees thankfully keeping us out of direct view. The brown-skinned girl stopped every few paces trying to speak with every pedestrian, begging for money. Some gave a shrug and walked on but others appeared to reach into their pants pocket and hand over small change. This was becoming a real slow walk.

It got more laborious because the street split into two separated by  buildings on both sides. Our cover of being on opposite sides of the street had ended. We'd now have to follow hoping she didn't look back and recognize us. Being on the same side of the street got us the chance of a camera shot of the girl. A little further along the route were more bars so we slackened our pace and followed tentatively. Then Steve had deja-vu. He was recognizing the surroundings - the direction was the same of that taken the previous evening.

After just a couple minutes more walking, she reached her destination. We watched from a safe position behind a wall as she disappeared into that same house as the day before. One of us softly trod up the steps which marked the beginning of the pedestrian square in which the house was located - it was number 23 Waterhoenhof. We watched for a short while but decided not to do anything stupid like knocking at the door! Nobody could know who or how many guys were inside. Our hunt was over but what should we do with our new information? We talked about the possibilities and stuff during our walk back to the Dom Toren area and continued the conversation in the bar. As it was soon going to be the day for our return flight to the USA, the agreed approach was not to waste any more of our vacation on this episode. When we found time, we'd look on the internet to see what could be found out about the Leger des Heils, drug habits in The Netherlands and any other kind of information we could find to publish to name and shame the brown-skinned girl and her host. This could only hope to be some kind of way to give out a warning signal to future Utrecht visitors. Having done just that here is the result of our effort.

The girl's name is Hannah She is brown-skinned of Surinam descent and aged mid 40's.

The guy's name is Jan He has the description white skinned, aged late 50's and of slim build. His address is 23 Waterhoenhof

The house is in a neighborhood of seemingly normal other residents

Is this acceptable for respectable people ?

Is this a safe place to have such a resident considering the type of activities occurring inside his house ?

Is this a safe location for those with children nearby ?

Look at the picture here. If you know her, you will know her!

The Leger des Heils is the equivalent of The Salvation Army
Residents of its hostels include those chronically addicted to drugs and alcohol as well as the mentally unstable
The hostels allow residents to use Class-A drugs within their own rooms
They are allowed unsupervised into the public community where they beg and solicit
They are freely prescribed Methadone and other controlled medication
They would do and say anything without hesitation to acquire money to fund their specific addiction
They are given weekly financial handouts
Those considered rehabilitated are awarded funded apartments which is maybe how the man Jan got his place
Many are required to attend a workplace to keep them off the street and feel useful to society, although these establishments are subsidized by the local councils
Maybe this organization has created a monster and is the victim of its own generosity - or moreso the generosity of the taxpayer
Do the residents of these hostels ever ask themselves what value they are to society?
Would society and the Leger des Heils care if these people didn't exist?
The founder of The Salvation Army must surely be turning in his grave.

Why are such people allowed to walk the streets unsupervised?

Why are such people housed near normal people?

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